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Our Team
Team Members
  • Scott J. Ross

    President, ROSS Development & Investment; Chairman and President, ROSS Renovation & Construction

    For more than 40 years, Scott has managed many aspects of the real estate profession, including architecture, city planning, urban design, finance, co...

  • Beth Ross

    President, ROSS Management Services

    Beth has been involved in residential real estate for over 40 years, beginning in residential sales, new home sales, marketing and condominium convers...

  • David J. Miskovich

    Chief Executive Officer, ROSS Companies

    An accomplished industry leader with more than 20 years of experience in the apartment industry, David was recruited by founders Beth and Ross to be t...

  • Don Stocks

    Executive Vice President of Residential Operations, ROSS Management Services

    As ROSS’s Executive Vice President of Residential Operations, Don brings a wealth of experience and expertise as the company focuses on growing its ow...

  • Tony Perichino

    Vice President of Residential Operations, ROSS Companies

    With over 15 years in the real estate industry, Tony is an expert operator with a pronounced focus on leadership, employee development, and marketing....

  • Jan Barrett

    Vice President of Revenue Management, ROSS Management Services

    As one of multifamily property management’s industry pioneers in implementing LRO Revenue Management System, Jan has been an integral part of ROSS’ re...

  • John Porter

    Vice President of Structural and Mechanical Services, ROSS Management Services

    John is certified as a Maryland 2nd Class Engineer, NIULPE 3rd Class Engineer and Universal CFC Technician. He has been working in the mechanical trad...

  • Brett D. Miskovich

    Vice President of Acquisitions , ROSS Companies

    As the Vice President of Acquisitions for ROSS Companies, Brett is responsible for sourcing, underwriting and due diligence investments. In additiona...

  • Taylor Blades

    Director of Marketing, ROSS Companies

    Taylor joined ROSS Companies in November 2018 as a Marketing Manager and in 2020 was promoted to Director of Marketing. As ROSS’ Director of Marketing...

  • Janet Rono

    Director of Human Resources

    Janet Rono joined Ross with over 18 years in Property Management. She pivoted into Human Resources as a partner with a deep understanding of the busin...